Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mosaic Origins - McManus - Session 5

Mission is why the church exists.
But, 99% of people who claim Christ never lead another to Christ.

When most people come to Jesus and they are not embracing the mission, they come to Jesus with a consumerism that is all about them.

The Great Commission is why the church exists. The church is not here for us. We are the church and we are here for the world.

Kim McManus came out with 10 women who are leading and serving in the SHE ministries. They come from a wide diversity of gifts, ethnicity, and time serving. They gave awesome testimonies of how God is using them.

Erwin – How soon do you get a person on mission? Just after you cast the demons out. In Mark 5 Jesus sends the man back to his community right after he casts the demons out.

We are much better at raising the money and buying the tech than waiting on God to send the Wind and fire.

WOOD - Structure must always submit to spirit. (core value)

Trees are living organisms. You plant them, they grow, and they bear fruit.

Chad Becker, Navigator, brought about 15 people on stage to tell the Mosaic story of all the past and present venues. It was so awesome to hear how God has worked so powerfully when problems arise with venues and in 1 week or sometimes 1 day or even a few hours they would have to change gears and do something totally out of the box out of necessitiy. These surprise stories always lead to the miraculous had of God. Chad said that he would love to own land some day but frankly he hopes it never happens because it would change their culture that God has used so powerfully.

He talked about following the cloud in the wilderness. Structure must submit to spirit and the spirit is in the cloud.

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