Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mosaic Origins - McManus - Session 6

Fire – Relevance to Culture is not optional. (core value)

A lot of churches focus on being relevant on Sunday. If we were relevant on Saturday, we would be more relevant on Sunday.

Elijah on Mt Carmel story – Is there any fire when we were present.

Goodie – Former QB at University in New Mexico.
He brought out 5 people who are leading ministries to impact their community in areas from feeding hungry, human trafficking, inner city youth clubs and things like that. They are making a big impact in their community. They have been very successful in getting lots of volunteers mobilized for these ministries and they have partnered with existing programs rather than creating their own. They even work with non Christian groups. These opportunities often go without the platform so share the gospel. But this effort always opens doors of faith.

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