Sunday, May 06, 2007

Origins Mosaic International

I had a great week at the Mosaic Origins conference in Los Angeles. I have posted notes on most of the sessions. But the most important things to me were the intangibles. Mosaic's culture is something that is hard to describe. You just have to experience it. They have such a passion for the lost but they live it out in everything they do rather than talking about it. I got a glimpse of what the new testament community of faith might have felt like.

I also met a lot of people doing international work. I roomed with a pastor named Chris from west of London. I met 2 guys from Dublin. I met a church planter in Z├╝rich. There were more than 30 people representing 6 churches in New Zealand (they call them Kiwi's). I met a church planter from South Africa. I met for the second time, Phillip, who spent 6 weeks in Paris dancing in a cabaret show (pic top). I met Chris and his Russian wife Ira (sp?) who are planning to plant a church in the Balkans (pic middle). I later roomed with Henry who is a fashion buyer from New Zealand (pic bottom - guy on left). Those were just the people I met.

In the past couple of months I also met an American guy who has spent a lot of time in Paris singing for the opera. I also know a guy who has Christian friends looking at starting a modeling agency in Paris.

This world is a very small place. I now have a much better picture of what it means to be a world Christian.

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Gina Witcher / Runnermom4 said...

I am so excited to be in this journey with you. You are so amazing and God is so awesome to have chosen to have brought us to this place in our life.