Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Support for Starving Surgeons

I feel like I have supported ($$) innovation in orthopaedic surgery from the time I was in 7th grade. I have had 1 shoulder surgery(baseball), 1 foot surgery (marathons), 4 knee surgeries (football, softball). Well I am about to leave for the hospital for knee surgery number 5 (who knows). I hope this guy is as good at knees as he is at shoulders.

It is somewhat exploratory so pray that they find all the problems and that I recover quickly. Tomorrow I should be blogging on strong pain meds.


Gina Witcher / Runnermom4 said...

...and pray for his wife who will be taking care of 4 kids and an invalid (and we know how men are when they are sick) for 2 possibly 6 weeks depending on what they find when they go in. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for you Ken, and you Gina :)