Friday, June 22, 2007

200th Blog Post

Well happy 200th blog post to me. I started with one post in December 2005. I had another 55 posts in 2006 (about 1 per week.) In 2007 so far I have 144. That's not quite 1 a day.

If I had written a little each day on research papers in college like I do my blog I wound not have spent 3 straight days awake on Nodoze and coffee at the end of each semester.

Blogging has been an awesome experience for me. I would never have thought that I really enjoyed writing. The blog has given me a way to think out loud, but be forced to bring some order to my thoughts for public consumption (especially if my wife proofreads).

I want to thank Google for being very good to me. I get readers everyday from all over the world who do Google searches on random non-church stuff and end up at my blog. Very cool.

But, the thing I like most about blogging is reading other blogs. As a church planter I can be mentored by some of the best church leaders in America, for free. I have always believed that those who don't read have nothing of value to write about. Leaders are learners and leaders are readers.

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