Friday, June 01, 2007

Acts 2 vs. Acts 17

Here is an excerpt from Mark Batterson about a session at the Q Conference.

A few weeks ago I heard James Emery White, former President of Gordon-Conwell Seminary, speak at the Q Conference. And he made a great distinction between two approaches to culture. He said we can't afford to approach culture as if we're living in an Acts 2 age where we're surrounded by God-fearing Jews. We need to approach culture like we're living in an Acts 17 age where we're surrounded by idolatry like Paul in Athens. I've always felt like Acts 17 is "the model" when it comes to decoding culture. (more)

What a profound thought. We are certainly not living in a God-fearing culture. If we fail to engage the Acts 17 culture we will fail to reach our world for Christ.

It's interesting that the first church planting conference I ever attended was led by Jim White at Mecklenberg Community Church. And few are as adept reading culture as Mark Batterson. God is using men like these guys to raise up a new generation of Acts 17 leaders.

France is our Athens. That is why we created Catalyst France.

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