Friday, June 08, 2007

All Press is Good Press

A week or 2 ago I posted that Gina got a "shout out" from a French living and travel site for visitors. This site is out of England and probably appeals to frequent travelers to France from other nearby countries. Gina got a lot of new traffic from that site.

What was interesting about this link was that it brought in a couple of negative comments about our plans to plant a church in France. Gina and I both have fairly high profile blogs in that we blog often and talk openly about our vision for France. I knew at some point that we would get some negative feedback from those who view our plans as "arrogant", thinking that we are trying to bring our "better American version of the church" to France. Or something like that.

The truth is I think this is a good thing. You have heard it said that "all press is good press." In an industry where we are trying to reach new people with a message, I would rather be criticized than ignored. It gives us an opportunity to respond and present who we really are.

I think these 2 comments are sharing that we don't think their church is good enough. My response is, we are not trying to reach those who go to church. Our goal is to reach those who think the church is not for them. We want to create a church that will better connect with the unchurched not try to steal the "churchgoing" Catholics.

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