Thursday, June 28, 2007

Buzz Conference - Craig Groeschel - Session 3

Craig Groeschel, pastor of talked about innovative leadership.
  • One definition of Innovation is the process of making improvement by doing something new.
  • We often say that we could be innovative if we had more resources but we have everything we need to reach the people God as called us to reach.
  • When you don't have others' resources, you innovate.
  • Limited resources + increasing passion = exponential innovation
  • If we had to raise $100,000 by Friday for some project most of us could not do it. If we needed $100,000 by Friday or one of our children would die, most of us could find the money. The problem is not a lack of resources but a lack of motivation.
  • Let Limited resources and increasing passion drive you to exponential innovation.
  • Innovation requires the eyes to see.

4 Qualities of Innovative Leadership:
1. Heal the sick - Not only physically. Matt 9 - it is not the healthy who need a doctor.
  • In order to reach those that no one else is reaching we have to do things that no one else is doing. When you have the attitude of the 4 Friends, you will find a way.
  • Dave Ferguson said that if we are going to reach the world we are going to have to sit in the smoking section.
  • We have to lead our ministries to love those who don't know Christ. They won't do if we are not.
  • We need to seek the lost to the point that "the lost" has a name.
  • Who is God calling you to reach that no one around you is reaching?
2. Break rules - Don't break away from the truth of scripture, but the rules that man makes.
  • He tells a story of leading a drunk guy to Christ by going to a bar and without using the 4 spiritual laws approach.
  • If life was a Nascar race, innovative leaders would turn right.
  • Bill Hybles turned right by combining the passion of the para-church and the power of the local church.
  • Today's contemporary is tomorrow's tradition.
  • broke rules by:
    • giving away their media stuff where others can use it to grow the kingdom.
    • Built an internet church campus
    • Built second life church campus
    • Built for people to have online confessions
    • They combined with other churches
    • They created a web2.0 version of the Bible.
    • Don't let someone saying "it can't be done" stop you from doing what God is calling you to do.
    • What is God calling you to do that hasn't been done?
3. Offend Pharisees -
  • When you do something new the Pharisees will come and attack you.
  • The things that are closest to the heart of God will offend pharisees.
  • Things that are accepted today were despised not that many years ago.
  • If you are not being called a cult every now and then, you are not doing something right.
  • Be worried if you are not being criticized by pharisees
  • Take criticism gracefully.
  • Some of the young leaders with the greatest potential need to get past their anger.
  • What new thing that is hated today and will be accepted tomorrow do you need to do?
4. Redefine success -
  • John the Baptist said He must increase but I must decrease.
  • Stop trying so hard trying to build attendance and start trying to build "The Church"
  • We are successful when we do the things that nobody else sees.
  • Do my children know Jesus?
  • Does my wife get my best?
  • Do I have time with God every morning and every night?
  • He told about an illustration from the movie the "Guardian" where revered instructor was asked what his number of saves was and he said he only counted those he lost.


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