Thursday, June 28, 2007

Buzz Conference - Mark Batterson - Session 1

Mark began a talk on the spiritual leadership applications of the Moscow Rules (cold war cia stuff).

His intro can be found on his blog and I've copied it here:
During the Cold War, the CIA developed some unwritten rules of engagement for their spies called The Moscow Rules. Moscow was the most dangerous and difficult destination for a spy so the spies had to have special training in clandestine operations. In his book, The Master of Disguise, agent Tony Mendez talks about the Moscow Rules.

Although no one had written them down, they were the precepts we all understood. By the time they got to Moscow, everyone knew these rules. They were dead simple and full of common sense.

What I want to do today and tomorrow is share a version of the Moscow rules. There is some variance because these rules were never written down. But I want to adapt ten of the rules. One of our themes this year is decoding culture and no one is better at decoding than the CIA. Seems like spiritual leaders could learn a thing or two from the espionage industry.

Some of these tactics are commonsensical. Others are counter-intuitive. I'll elaborate on them post conference.

#1 Know Your Mission
#2 Gather Intelligence
#3 Maintain a Natural Pace
#4 Vary Your Pattern
#5 Blend into the Crowd
#6 Be Aware of Your Environment At All Times
#7 Avoid defensiveness at all costs
#8 Assume You Are under Surveillance
#9 Never go against Your Gut
#10 Don't Look Back
My Notes:
1. Know your Mission:
-He opened with a baptism video and said that is the mission.
-The more you do in ministry the harder it gets.
-God often asks him - are you willing to embrace how hard this may be?
-The reward for good work is often more work.
-Find ways to remind yourself of the mission you are on. Mark went back to the cow pasture where he sensed God's calling and had a picture taken as a reminder.

2. Gather intelligence:
-We need to learn to exegete the culture, to ask the right questions
-We are failing incarnationaly, we fail to incarnate the message to the culture.
-Movies and music are alters to the unknown God; they do series each year on movies and music, it allows them to give a spiritual application to those things that shape culture, they take a movie or song and do a biblical character study.
- We need to quote non-biblical sources more, while not quoting the Bible less. When we quote the Bible we build credibility with Christians; when we quote non-biblical sources we build credibility with non-Christians.
-We should read strategically
-We should study culture
-We should recon at other churches

3. Maintain a Natural Pace:
-He said he is trying to study less and live more. We need sermons that are more experiential and less theoretical.
-There are 2 balancing acts we must deal with:
b/w family and ministry
b/w work and play
-Are you living a life that is sustainable over the long haul?

4. Vary your Pattern:
-No one was better at the element of surprise that Jesus.
-Core Value - Love people when they least expect it and least deserve it.
-Award winning adds all have the principle of unexpectedness
-One def. of Leadership - keeping what is sacred from becoming routine
Study shows after singing a song 30 times you no longer pay attention to the words.
-Equilibrium = death; inequilibrium = life
-Core Value - Everything is an experiment. - we should be afraid of not making mistakes, it may mean we are not trying hard enough.


Anonymous said...

Not to be greedy but are you going to post on 5 through 10? Thanks!

Ken Witcher said...

My schedule only shows 7 sessions. But, Yes, I will post on all of the sessions.