Saturday, June 30, 2007

Buzz Conference - Mark Batterson - Session 7

Before Mark continued with his Spy traits from the first session how talked about how powerful Craig Groeschel's session was. It is awesome to see how even the speakers and hosts are moved by the messages God delivers through other speakers.

5. Assume You are Under Surveillance:
-We must know who we are and be who we are not because people are watching.
1. Vulnerability is the key -
2. Reveal your weaknesses - The greatest freedom is having nothing to prove.
3. Cry in Public -
4. Quit trying to be a pastor and start trying to be yourself.

6. Blend into the Crowd
- infiltrate with intention because you are one a mission
4 ways to Handle Culture
1. ignore it.
2. Imitate it.
3. Condemn it.
4. Redeem it.
- Criticize by creating.

7. Avoid Defensiveness at All Cost.
- Stay positive
- Stay on offense
- The enemy wants to use guilt and fear against us.
- Erwin McManus said "Don't let criticism penetrate your heart until is has passed through the filter of scripture.
- Don't let negativity infect a staff or church.
- Start all your meetings by sharing wins.
- Don't harass the competition
- Employ humor to put people at ease before addressing tough issues

8. Be Aware of Your Environment at All Times.
- Be a first class noticer - "Geeks and Geazers"
- This is crucial for leaders
- The history of Israel hinges on Joseph noticing a dejected look on the face of the Cup bearer in prison.
- Often if we can just impact the 1% we can really make a impact.
- Brain notices shapes first, then colors and then content.

9. Never Go Against Your Gut.
- Be gutsy - the biggest lack in the church is the lack of guts.
- We need more preaching guts.
- Craig Groeschel said "The difference between where you are and where God wants you to be may be the difficult decision you refuse to make."

10. Don't Look Back
- Do ministry out of imagination not memory.
- Cast vision all the time.
- Budget a leadership retreat for all leaders where you can cast the vision.
- do an annual ministry report.
- Most problems are not sin problems but vision problems.

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