Thursday, June 28, 2007

Buzz Conference - Tim Stevens - Session 2

Tim Stevens of Granger Community Church just spoke on the elements of Buzz.
Six characteristics that generate buzz from the book Buzz Marketing.

-He talked about the incredible nationwide buzz that was generated from Granger's billboards.
-He talked about the Flywheel effect of momentum from Jim Collins book Good to Great.

The reasons that buzz is so important today from the Emanuel Rosen book Anatomy of Buzz:
- People can't hear you.
- People don't trust you.
- People are connected (as in the internet).

Elements of Buzz:
1. Impact - Buzz only happens when you are having an impact - Would our community be different if our church ceased to exist?
2. Buzz
3. Beliefs - Buzz doesn't matter if you don't believe in anything.
4. Language - Everyone interprets what they hear through their filter. The filter that the church has been using for years doesn't work. Most people see through the "pop culture" filter. 60% of people get their theology through movies music and books. The church has to learn to communicate through the pop culture filter to be understood by the unchurched.

Ways to deal with Culture:

Practical Applications:
-Use pop culture as a hook
-Us pop culture to lower defenses
-Find great art in the world.

He also showed this amazing video:

Or watch the original Granger version here. Thanks Tim for providing the link.


Tim said...

Ken -- thanks for your great comments. The You Tube version is a re-do by another church and is really good. If you are looking for the original Granger version, you can check here:

Ken Witcher said...

Thanks for pointing that out Tim.
I left the embedded version so people have one they can use directly but I added the link to "the Original" Granger version.

Thanks for your session. You had some great insight on Buzz.