Friday, June 29, 2007

Buzz Conference Tony Morgan Session - 5

Tony Morgan Chief Strategic Officer at New Spring Church gave 10 Reasons You Should Stop Blogging. I was really surprised by the attendance for this session.

1 You haven’t determined your primary audience.

2 You don’t post regularly.

3 Your posts are too long. Few long-winded bloggers are worth the time.

4 You are trying to sell yourself – authenticity is essential but within your target audience.

5 You don’t use humor – you don’t have to be Comedy Central but the History Channel is really boring.

6 You are attacking other people or ministries – if you do this Tony will unsubscribe from your blog.

7 You have forgotten that blogging isn’t private.- Once you have posted it cannot be retrieved. Most people know how to do a Google search, so whatever you write about others, will be seen by them.

8 You are not a thought leader – mama bird posting – taking things from various places on the web and regurgitating it back on your blog. Just because you link to Tony doesn’t mean he will link to your blog.

9 You are listening to your critics. - It is just not worth it. When you respond you give credibility to your critics.

10 You are not revealing the real you. - He does most of his reading on blogs because it reveals real people and their real experience.

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