Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Death by Admin

This is the week that we have planned to get our first Catalyst France newsletter out. It will tell a little about our decision to start Catalyst France and provide details about how to support this ministry.

The schedule on my white board says, Monday - final draft, Tuesday - printing, and Wednesday - dropped in the mail. As of about 5 minutes ago, after about 96 drafts, I believe that we have our final draft. If I can get them printed today, I will be making up some lost time. That is a big "if". I do it myself at home. Send up a prayer for me today.

I also have some good news to share. Yesterday, a wonderful Type "A" friend of ours accepted the position of secretary (think accounting, not reception) for the US operations of Catalyst France. Thank you Kimberly! You are awesome!

Finally, on a not so eventful blog day, I thought I would share a video I came across yesterday. It's inspiring and reminds us to see potential in people.

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