Friday, June 22, 2007

France is Destination of Choice for Brits

I found this article on the This French Life blog.

A home in France appeals

In a Royal Bank of Scotland International survey France was the European destination of choice with 6 per cent of Brits wanting to move there.

It came in second behind Australia, which was voted for by one in ten people, but ahead of Spain.

But France was the most popular European choice in Northern Ireland (16%), West Midlands (10%), Wales (8%), South East (7%), South West (5%) and Yorkshire and the Humber (4%).

The Royal Bank of Scotland also found that 8 per cent of people in London currently own a home abroad, followed by 7 per cent in the South East and 5per cent in Yorkshire and the Humber.

This compares to a British average of 4 per cent.

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