Friday, June 15, 2007

French Culture - Paris Bird Lady

Ok. I know that some readers might be offended by this picture. But in France and specifically Paris this is common stuff. In fact, if you know someone living in Europe, you can bet they probably see this kind of stuff all the time.

This is picture of me standing in front of a movie poster in a Paris Metro (subway) station last year. If you could go left in the picture you would see about 50 identical posters in a row. For a week they were everywhere. No one there is offended by it. Parents don't take their kids different routs to avoid the poster. They were in all the metro stations.

Most of us in the church today live in a holy huddle. Stuff like you see above is so offensive that we avoid being in places where you might encounter something like that. To many, the immoral decline in society signals that the end times are coming soon. But wait. Aren't these times more similar to the culture of the early church in Greece and Rome. It is an Acts 17 world. A world with sex gods, temple prostitutes, idol worship, human sacrifice and more. And yet, this culture experienced the greatest growth of Christianity in History.

I believe that God is calling us out of the Acts 2 culture to make a difference in the Acts 17 culture. These people are hungry for relationship, hope and purpose. Jesus offers that. But we must go into the culture and genuinely care for people very different from us if we want to impact them for Christ.


Jane-Jane said...

Amen! Thanks for the post and letting us all know what you guys are up against. This gives us a better vision of your family's future and how we need to pray for you guys NOW!

Paul & Angela Jenkins said...

You think that poster is bad keep walking they get worse. They get graphic with nudity. I once stepped off a TOUR BUS to find myself standing in front of a window of 3 people having sex right in the showfront window. This was ofcourse advertising the peep house or whatever they are called. I was shocked. I have never seen anything in my life like I saw in Paris. May God go before you and prepare a place and may he be with you and your family while you are there serving him.

Ken Witcher said...


Yea, I've seen some of those too, but I probably won't post them here.