Thursday, June 28, 2007

I Arrived in DC at the Buzz Conference

Yesterday was a crazy day. I was trying to finish a brochure for Catalyst France and get a haircut before I left for the Buzz Conference in DC. We did finish a final draft of the brochure but I have not had a chance to print it yet. I finally got in for a haircut. It was their last cut of the night. Conversation led to spiritual things and I ended up spending 30-45 minutes talking about my faith with the 2 hairstylists.

I finally arrived in DC this morning about 2am. But with a grande Vanilla Latte (thanks Rob) and some slightly bloodshot eyes, I made it to the sessions and it has been awesome. I am really looking forward to the film festival this afternoon. The creativity in the room is off the charts. I will try to do some Buzz Blogs as I get internet access.

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