Sunday, June 10, 2007

Investment, Risk and ROI

If you bought stock in Microsoft today, you could probably make some money. But if a young man named Bill came to you 20 years ago and asked you to invest in his new venture, you could have retired off of the proceeds of that investment.

Everyone probably wishes they could find that diamond in the rough or the upstart stock that goes global, but very few ever take the risk. Instead, most people choose safety over risk and invest in a sure thing. The only problem is that there is no sure thing. And investment in anything that is already proven offers very little return on investment.

At the Hillsong Europe Conference last year, I remember hearing Darlene Zschech say that many of the new songs that they are putting out are written by their youth. She said they are going to the leaders among their youth and asking them to write songs. One reason that they do this is to intentionally invest in raising up young leaders. The other reason is that these young leaders and the songs they write will better connect with their own generation. The investment in these young people helps them avoid skipping a generation in their church. It is a risk, but is has a high return on investment.

We see this in the Bible with people like Moses and David and Rahab and every Apostle chosen by Jesus. When God chose the less likely, he made it more likely that He would receive the Glory.

Invest in the next generation. Look for potential in unproven people. Be a catalyst to ignite a movement much larger than yourself.

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