Monday, June 11, 2007

A Lesson in Failure

My son came to me about 7:30 yesterday morning and said that the neighbor boy from 2 houses down came into our driveway and took our Sunday morning paper. I looked out the window just in time to see him heading toward his house with our paper. To make matters worse, this family doesn't really like us.

So I did what a real man would do. I marched over to their house to see what the problem was. I asked if there was any reason that their son took our paper. They were very embarrassed and said that they were sorry. They thought the paper belonged to the neighbor in between us and they were going to look at her paper since she was not up yet and the courier missed their delivery that morning. I graciously accepted their apology and said, "That's why I asked, I figured something like that might have been the case." Not a bad response I thought, even if I must say so myself. So they gave me the paper and I headed home proudly. I felt like I had handled that situation well. I had a small victory that morning... confronting kindly the neighbors who hated us.

An hour and a half later as we were pulling out of the driveway with the paper in the floor of our car as we left for church, I sensed God saying "that wasn't a victory, Ken, I would have told them to keep the paper."

I hate learning that way. But, as I sit here this Monday morning looking at the unread Sunday paper in my office, I thought that I might share the story on my blog, in case someone else could learn from my failure.

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The Figs said...

wow....thanks for sharing. that's happened to me, this week. i even patted myself on the back :-) i truly hope that with each passing day, i become more like Christ & answer the way He would too.