Friday, June 15, 2007

Ruth Bell Graham Dies at 87

The wife of the famous evangelist Billy Graham died yesterday at the age of 87. My wife and I watched a TV special about her life last night and learned a lot about her. Gina liked the fact that she was strong-willed and helped her husband write his sermons and speeches and had their house built her way against her husbands wishes while he was away. I liked the fact that she never complained when Billy was gone a lot. She almost single handedly raised 5 children who turned out pretty good and are all Christians today, in spite of a father who was never there and the added insanity of being in a famous family.

She also spent her entire life until college in China and wanted to return there as a missionary. She truly gave up the life she had planned to be the wife of Billy Graham. But I think that in the end she must have been pretty pleased with what she accomplished for God through her husband and children. Millions may attribute their faith to Billy Graham, but I'm betting that their are 5 children out their who attribute theirs to Ruth Graham.

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