Thursday, July 12, 2007

Angus Beef and Running Shoes

Well, I mentioned last week that Gina and I couldn't get a baby sitter for our 9th anniversary so we got the kids down and watched a movie.

Tuesday night grandma kept the kids and we got to have our annual anniversary dinner. We went to the Angus Barn. The food is fantastic and the atmosphere tops it off. They have the best crackers and cheese and they always give you a special pound cake if it is your anniversary. Including the year we were married we have celebrated our anniversary 8 out of 10 years. It is kind of a tradition.

Well, we considered getting a hotel with a pool and just kicking back. Instead we went to Dick's and bought Gina some new running shoes. She couldn't have been happier. I got a FIFA, Germany Soccer t-shirt. It was good time.

Since we will probably be living in Paris next year, I'm sure we could find something pretty awesome to do for our tenth.

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