Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bible Meets Web 2.0

YouVersion is a free online Bible that allows users to associate video, audio, images, text, tags, and links to other websites with any verse or series of verses in the Bible. Each piece of contributed content can be labeled as public or private, so the application can be used both as a personal study tool and a public expression of user-generated commentary. In addition to contributing content, Scripture can be organized by assigning user-defined “tags” to any verse of the Bible. (more . . .)

YouVersion is a product of the incredible creative energy that surrounds the guys at LifeChurch.tv.

After many trips to Europe the need for Christ there is obvious, but the opportunity there is also striking to me. So much of the church, even newer church plants, is wrapped up in a historical package. I love European history. I even did graduate work in medieval history. But, I believe that Europeans are post-Christian because they don't believe that Christianity offers anything for the future. When Europeans think of the church they think of beautiful cathedrals with little old ladies and priests. It has about as much impact as the Alamo does on San Antonoins. If we want to reach them we must begin to focus more on how Jesus impacts their today and tomorrow and less on historical traditions.

YouVersion is thinking forward not backward. I wonder if Martin Luther could ever have imagined what his Gutenberg Bible could become.

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