Saturday, July 28, 2007

Caught a Foul Ball

Tonight, the in-laws invited us to bring the kids to a Carolina Mudcats game. We showed up in time for all the kids to get free t-shirts (it didn't hurt that it was overcast and thundering). The kids got their shirts and caps and gloves all signed by Muddy and Mini Muddy . . . again.

At one point I wasn't paying attention and a foul ball was hit our way. The guy behind us caught it and gave it to one of my boys. A few minutes later they hit another one my way and I got it. It is the first foul ball I have ever caught. Only problem is that in spite of the fact that I now have 2 balls, I have 4 kids.

It was also a great last inning come from behind win. Now, I am ready for bed.

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