Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Devil is in the Details

Tonight, I feel like I just finished a major exam. I feel like I worked my tail off for a month and then pulled an all-nighter. I just finished the exam and feel a tremendous sense of relief, because no matter how I did, it's over. All I can do now is study for the next one.

Why do I feel this way? I just finished getting our inaugural newsletter out for Catalyst France. So much has happened in the last 2 months to get Catalyst France off the ground. I am a visionary at heart but when you are starting a new organization from the ground up, you have to get your hands dirty and keep them that way. I think deatils are Satan's tool to stop people from dreaming big dreams for God. Praise God he has given us the encouragement along the way to help us see the future.

I spent quite a bit of time designing a brochure for Catalyst France. I am not a designer but it actually looks really good. I have had lots of comments from designers. I guess God gives us what need for the task. I planned to use it as a primary piece for our mailing this month with a brief letter. In the last week though, I found out that we could not handle the printing ourselves and would have to have it professionally printed. I then had to move quickly to write a stand alone newsletter to replace it. At 5:30PM today I dropped 350 newsletters in the mail. I am tired but relieved. I am excited for everyone to understand who we are at Catalyst France, to catch the vision, and to dream with us about reaching France and Europe for Christ.

If you do not get our newsletter but would like to, email me at info@catalystfrance.org.

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The Carroll Family said...

Congrats Ken on completing that giant task!!