Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Funding Church Planting in Europe Gets Harder

As the Dollar keeps falling against euro, funding church planting in Europe gets harder. This is leading many to abandon sending church planters in favor of short-term training conferences. The problem is so much of Europe has never seen a non-traditional, culturally relevant church. You can try to teach pastors how to plant a church that will better reach the unchurched but there is no substitute for experience. I once heard someone say the ability to plant successful churches is caught not taught.

The name for this blog, Newboxes, came from the idea that we don't think "outside the box" as much as we create new boxes from new experiences. We believe that most effective church planters will come out of effective churches.

The goal of Catalyst France is not only to plant a life-giving church in Paris, but to train French church planters through internships, networking, and conferences.

With the incredible influence that France has in the world we cannot afford to lose ground because of the high cost. We must invest in effective church planting now.

To learn more about partnership with Catalyst France go here.

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