Sunday, July 15, 2007

Happy Birthday

. . . to me.

Yep, today is my birthday. It was pretty uneventful. Went to church last night so I kinda slept in this morning, if 8am can be called sleeping in. My wife kept me in cool looking clothes and my kids asked why it was daddy's day again. With Fathers day last month and our anniversary a week ago, I guess it might seem like I get too many days in a row. We celebrated with a pool party and about 30 friends from the praise team at our church. Most of them didn't know it was my birthday though.

I did a search to see what famous people I share a birthday with . The 2 biggest names on the list were Rembrandt and Jesse Ventura. I'm not sure what that mean because I am no artist and I'm pretty sure wrasslin is fake.

Oh and I think I will quit calling them birthdays after this year. Can you guess how many years that is for me?


Terry Storch said...

happy birthday bro!

my birthdays are also very uneventful....just the way i like it.

The Carroll Family said...

Happy Birthday Ken!!

Kevin a.k.a. Cubbie said...

Happy belated birthday. (and watch it with the whole, "wrasslin is fake" talk)

The Figs said...

wish we would've known b/c we certainly would've made a big deal about it @ the praise/worship cook-out.

:-) jane - the figs