Friday, July 13, 2007

A mid-year look at New Years Resolutions

I just went back to find my blog on my resolutions and realized I didn't make them public. I guess you just have to trust me on my mid-year review: Here it is:

Resolution (they are pretty basic)
  1. Spiritually - Read through the Bible
  2. Mentally - Read 2 books a month
  3. Physically - Workout 3 times a week
How am I doing?
  1. Spiritually - :)
  2. Mentally - :(
  3. Physically - :(
I guess 1 out of 3 isn't bad if it's the right one. Hopefully, I can work on the others in the second half of the year.

How are you doing? Any suggestions?

1 comment:

Gina Witcher / Runnermom4 said...

I love the things you are learning reading through the Bible and that it is not just an academic exercise.

In regards to suggestions... I guess I could get you a new pair of running shoes for your birthday, but you would not be as excited about them as I was. :-)