Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Redeeming Technology

I used to think internet tools like blogging and social networking were just glitter; adding sparkle but practically useless. Now, I just sit back and watch as God does amazing things through technology and the internet.

Our blogs are getting hits from all over the world and most importantly France. Even non-Christians from France.

In a little over 2 months we have had 2 couples and 2 singles talk to us about joining our team to go to France. These are people on church staffs of amazing churches doing the very things we need people to do in Paris. We did no recruiting. None. No recruiting budget. No campus visits. How did we find them? Other than a chance meeting with a creative pastor at a conference and the rest read our blogs and website. Since I didn't know any of them, I guess they found us through word of mouth or through someone else's blog.

Gina told me this morning that a lady who reads her blog in LA (the state) was looking at a blog post I wrote about ways people can use their gifts to help Catalyst France stateside. She said her husband is a film producer and they want to help with video work.

Within 15 minutes of sending an email that included an announcement of our online giving tool, we had a new donor via that tool.

In the last 12 hours I have had contacts via email, skype, and facebook from 3 different continents.

God will redeem technology to redeem the world. I am just thrilled to be in a place where God is working.

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