Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Talking with Chruch Planters

I get to talk to lots of new church planters these days. I talked to BJ today for almost 3 hours (it's ok though, we had Starbucks, and he paid). One of the things that I enjoyed most was that while we have the same passion and urgency to see the church become more effective, we have some very different ideas about the best way to accomplish this.

We both entered and left the conversation teachable. We each saw the merits of the others views and will hopefully be better equipped for our ministries because of the conversation.

Unfortunately, it doesn't always work this way. I have talked to other church planters who think that they have it all figured out. These guys are usually the ones who not only don't attend conferences and visit churches, but believe that they are better for not being "conference types." This is sad because visiting churches, attending conferences and talking to successful church planter is probably the best indicator of success in a church plant. Not because these things are more important than character and a personal walk with Jesus, but because they are an indicator of character and a personal walk with Jesus.

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