Monday, July 30, 2007

The Unchurched - They don't all Look Alike

I read a great post this morning from Ben Arment entitled Deep Sea Fishers of Men. We usually talk about 2 different groups of people who don't attend church: the un-churched and the de-churched. But, as Ben points out, not all unchurhced people look alike:

There are differences between the unchurched. Some of them haven't attended anywhere, but had praying grandmothers or grew up in places where Christianity was part of the fabric of the community, so they at least took their hat off during prayer before high school football games. But then there are unchurched folks who have had no connection with anything Christian, let alone evangelical. They hang crystals and spirit catchers in their front windows, drive cars with "coexist" written on their bumper stickers, and think church-goers are like militia members. "The Unchurched" cannot possibly be a universal term.
Great distinction!


Jay Kelly said...

I'm part of a church plant in a highly unchurched, highly diverse area. This is spot on--at least in my neck of the woods.

Ken Witcher said...


I think I generally refer to that second group you are talking about as those "far from God." I just never really thought about the fist group. They're probably common in the south. My NC church probably has lots of folks with that background.

Anonymous said...

We may not all look alike, but I still think we could get pink jumpsuits and do our own choreographed version of "Thriller! By the Unchurced Dancers!"
-Jimmy Paravane

Ken Witcher said...

It gives new meaning to interpretive dance.