Monday, July 23, 2007

Vision For Catalyst France

I talk a lot about church planting in Europe and France. If you haven't already gone to the Catalyst France link on this blog you may not know what we are all about. Catalyst France was established to plant churches in Paris. So I thought I would spend some time this week talking about the vision of Catalyst France.

The emerging generation of young people in France today is open to spirituality like few generations before it. By reaching this generation for Christ we will reach the next generation of French leaders. And since, France is a nation of unparalleled world influence, a movement of young French people becoming Christ followers, could make world headlines opening the door for greater impact for the Great Commission.
Our vision is to
. . . plant churches where French people have an opportunity to see the Gospel lived out in the lives of transformed believers, hear the message of Christ clearly communicated in an exciting and relevant way, and experience lasting life-change through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

. . . and to establish a church planting network that will bring the most effective churches and leaders from around the world together to provide training and apprentice programs to prepare new church planters.
I will flesh this out more each day this week. If you are interested in more information please visit the Catalyst France website. If you would like to partner with us and support the ministry of Catalyst France you can give online here.

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