Sunday, August 19, 2007

C3 Leadership Conference

Our church, C3 Church, had a leadership conference Friday and Saturday. Dino Rizzo from Healing Place Church was the guest speaker and was great as always. Dino is a master story teller and God has used him to create lots of stories to tell. Our own pastor Matt Fry led the last session to close the conference on Saturday.

Some thoughts from pastor Dino:
How to you keep moving forward? Habak 2:2; 2 Tim 4:6-7; Josh 5:11-12
  • It has to always be about Jesus.
  • Keep moving; keep it fresh.
  • Align what you say with what God is saying.
Non-negotiables for Life-giving People
  • It has to all be about Jesus
  • The church is the hope of the world and it is being built to last
  • Love people because people matter to God.
  • We are on a mission; we don't do missions.
  • All things are possible. - No matter how good or creative you are, it is all about raw faith. At the end of the day He is our source.
Some thoughts from pastor Matt:
Characteristics of Life-giving leaders
  • Passion
  • Risk Taking - You have to have faith (Phil 3:13-14). People will rise to the level of your expectations.
  • It has to all be about the cause.
  • Ownership
  • Purpose

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