Saturday, September 01, 2007

Be Secure in Your Calling

I was doing some missions recruiting this last spring at Columbia International University. I had been reading the blog of a pastor named Gary Lamb for about 6 months prior to my trip. He pastors a church in Canton, GA called Revolution Church. I decided while I was in the neighborhood(?) I would take an extra 9 hours to drop in an visit Gary in the Atlanta area.

I really liked Gary. He can be a little over the top for Christians to take but he is very real and just naive enough to reach those people who most pastors would never reach. He started his outreach in bars because he understood that culture from his own life before Christ. He reminds me of the disciples. When God changed him he went to reach those from his own culture and community rather than join the ranks of the church elite. He is the real deal and is turning the city of Canton upside down for Jesus with his raw faith.

Check out this awesome post he wrote on Being Secure in your Calling.

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