Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I'll Make You Famous

For the last 35 days I have been praying for the children in Africa with Children's Cup. They set up a special time of 40 days of prayer each year where you can learn about many of their Care Point ministries there and pray for them specifically. I encourage you to go to their site and join us in prayer even though you may pray beyond the 40 days.

As I have been reading about the children with Children's Cup and contemplating getting involved in the youth program at my church, God has been speaking to me. I worked in youth ministry for several years throughout my time in seminary. At one point I became a little frustrated because I couldn't seem to get some of the kids to be respectful. I think it made me mad that they would disrespect God and the people he called to serve them. It was at this point where I decided I was not cut out for youth ministry.

This morning I sensed God speaking to me and saying, "you need to see them the way I see them; as the future." I think that I have always known that the youth are the future, but I never looked at each one as if he or she were the future. If you work with youth you will likely never be famous, but you can make an investment in making someone else famous. And that investment in young people will make God famous.

Most of our churches have huge generational gaps in them because we are not investing in succeeding generations. If we don't connect with these generations in our churches, we will never connect to those generations outside our churches. We need to quit thinking of youth ministry as a another ministry in the church that will need some funding and begin thinking of youth ministry as our church's future. We not only need to train them up, but we need their help to train us to reach their generation.

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