Monday, September 17, 2007

My Wife - Real Life Superhero

Last weekend we went to the first 5k off the season in the Raleigh area. Gina started of the season right, by winning overall female. She beat all the women, not just the masters.

Yesterday, Gina ran the Magnificent Mile in Raleigh. It also served as the USATF North Carolina 1 mile Championship. Gina won the female masters division. Infact, she broke the the state USATF record. I think "smashed the record" was the terminology they used. I am a proud husband. How many 39 year old men are married to a woman who can run a 5:26 mile? She was even invited by a race director to run the USATF NC 5k & Half Marathon Championship races ... expenses paid. Did I mention that the Half Marathon is at the beach?

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Kevin a.k.a. Cubbie said...

I've got my 10 min mile(2 miles each morning). I think if I did it in under 6 I would break something important. I also should add that I do this on a treadmill in the AC so it probably only counts as 1 mile.