Friday, October 19, 2007

Effective Church Leaders (2/3)

Yesterday I said that the only indicator of future performance is past performance, not training. Only is a strong word, but for now I am not convinced that there is any other indicator of future performance.

Our plans for Catalyst Europe focus heavily on internships and apprenticeships. And frankly, the best place to find candidates for these programs are from within like minded churches.

Raising up effective church leaders requires key 2 ingredients. First, effective church leadership comes from effective churches. Second, effective church leadership is "caught not taught."

Thoughts on Effective Church Leaders:
  • The best church leaders rarely come from ineffective churches (do the math).
  • The best church leaders rarely come from short training events, even at effective churches.
  • The best church leaders come from spending time in effective churches working with effective leaders in an effective environment.
  • Leaders that come from effective churches know what it looks like and feels like to be effective. You can't train this. It's intangible.

Don't get me wrong, training events and books are useful. In fact they were instrumental in converting me from a very traditional seminary grad type of leadership guy into a bit of a leadership empiricist (big seminary word for focus on experience).

More next time on how to handle those without a record of past performance.

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