Monday, October 22, 2007

Effective Church Leaders (3/3)

On Thursday I said that the only indicator of future performance is past performance, not training. I said that Only is a strong word, but for now I am not convinced that there is any other indicator of future performance. In fact, past performance is not always an indicator of future performance but the longer the history of performance the more accurate it is as a predictor of the future.

I would go further to say that selecting leaders based on any criteria other than past performance is a gamble, a huge risk.

But . . .

You probably know that, in the business world, huge risk is the best way to get huge returns. It is also the best way to lose your shirt and maybe your pants. Imagine investing $10,000 in the Microsoft initial public offering in 1986. At that time most people thought of computers as big main frames, not essential tools in every home. But, if you took that $10,000 risk in 1986, your investment would have been worth $6,353,172 on the 1st of January 2005 (latest data I could find, it's more now).

As God's tools to reach a lost world, today's church leaders are called to take huge risks, especially in people. Jesus, set the example when he picked a bunch of unlikelies to spread his message when He left this world. Instead of pious church leaders, he selected fishermen, tax collectors and the like. As you know, they didn't all make it. One of them stabbed him in the back.

If you want to see God do great things you will have to take huge risks. Invest in people who have great dreams and a burning passion for Jesus. Give them an opportunity to demonstrate effectiveness. Some of them will stab you in the back like they did to Jesus, but others will accomplish more than you will for the Great Commission. Jesus said that we would do greater things than He did. We should expect the same from those we invest in.

To wrap it up.
  • Great churches should be the breeding place for great church leaders.
  • Great church leadership is "caught not taught."
  • Past effectiveness is the greatest, and maybe the only, predictor of future effectiveness.
  • Take a chance on unlikely people and give them a chance to demonstrate effectiveness.
  • If you are afraid the student may become greater than the teacher you will not raise up great church leaders.

Go ahead and throw the dice!

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