Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Fishing for Sharks in Swimming Pools

I am back baby . . . from my blogging (and other stuff like food) fast. It was a great spiritual renewal for me and I feel like God may be leading me in some ways that I was not at all expecting. If I am right, you will hear more on that later.

Vince Antonucci has become my new favorite blogger. I love how this guy thinks. He really thinks like a modern day Great Commission apostle.

Here is a quote from a great post he put up yesterday.

If you wanted to fish for sharks, where should you fish? You can go to the place where fish are, and hope some sharks are in the area. Another option is to hang out in your swimming pool and send postcards to the sharks inviting them to come for a visit. But I’m guessing the most effective place to fish for sharks is where the sharks are. (more)

He also points out that movie theaters are better church planting venues for churches than schools. People are more comfortable going to a place they wouldn't normally go if it is meeting in a place that they would normally go. I agree. That's why our vision for Europe is meeting in theaters and similar cultural venues.

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