Monday, November 05, 2007

Church Ownership

As we are getting Catalyst Europe Inc. off of the ground I have been working as an electrician to help make ends meet. I have noticed something over the past few weeks. When someone else designs a job, I end up spending time trying to figure out what they were thinking. I do a lot of jobs that require some creative engineering. Without, detailed instructions, I often have to try to figure out what the job designer intended in a particular situation. Sometimes I just have to call to get clarification. It can be really frustrating because I don't feel like I can be as efficient that way. If I had been the one who designed the job and the one implementing it, I could be much more efficient.

The church often faces a similar situation when they have strong central leadership and low participation by members. Often those who are implementing the vision are several levels removed from the vision caster. What you find are members who are just going through the motions when they serve because they don't internalize the importance of their role. Think about cleaning the bathroom. It is the difference between a quick mop and spray of Lysol and adding some kleenex and mints near the sink and burning a scented candle when the cleaning is done.

The Bible says that we are one body. I think the ultimate conclusion of that is ownership. I think that Jesus wanted us to serve the body as owners. When we take ownership of our area of the church body we are thinking in the area of our expertise, in the area God called us to. We are more responsible and will be more efficient if we are implementing something that we own. As God gives us a vision for our part in the vision of our local church, we can see it . . .visualize it. When we implement it, it is a win for everybody.

This is not easy to do . . . for leaders or for volunteers. But it must be done by both for the church body to function in a healthy way.

How can you "own it" today?

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