Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Faith Problem (1/2)

The Problem -

So often the churches attempt at evangelism looks like this: Go to a stranger's house on visitation night and give them a gospel presentation with a tract. If they accept (which is very rare), we invite them to church and tell them baptism is the next step. If they don't then we check that address off of our city map and move on.

Here is another option: We visit someone on visitation night who visited our church last week. We go through the tract with them. Since they visited our church they may already be Christians. If they are aren't and they pray to accept Christ we invite them to church and tell them baptism is the next step (again, very rare). If they don't accept, they either never come back to our church because they now think that we are one of "those" churches or they avoid us like a plague at church because they now think we have an agenda.

Here is another option: If it is someone that we actually know, we usually start with justifying how their sin separates them from God (don't know why we have to justify this but we do). Then we go though the tract. If they don't accept (they never do because they know us and they don't want what to be like us), we then begin to talk more about their sin and how destructive it is and how their life would be better if they would change.

Ok, I have kind of presented the problem here. Add your thoughts if you like and we will talk more about it tomorrow.

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