Friday, November 16, 2007

Faith Problem (2/2)

Ok. Here are some more thoughts on this topic.

Why is it easier to "do evangelism" with strangers? Is it because the people we know see right through us? Is is because we are not smoking what we are selling? I guess there are 2 reasons that so few strangers accept "tract evangelism." First, they don't know you and don't trust you. Second, they know that you don't know them and so there must be an ulterior motive to your concern for their eternity. I guess there really is a third reason. Most people think that people who do tract evangelism are weirdos. If they accepted your message they would have to become a weirdo too.

Another thought here is why are we more concerned about cleaning people up than we are with connecting them to God. Do we think that God only wants cleaned up people? Open one of the first 4 books of the New Testament (begins on page 813 in my Bible) and you will quickly see that Jesus spent most of his ministry helping messed up people.

The other reason that we tend to want to clean people up before introducing them to God, quite honestly is a lack of faith. Subconsciously, we really don't think that a messed up person will repent of their sins without our help. We don't really think that we can start a messed up person on a journey of faith and expect them to turn from major sin through their own interaction with the Holy Spirit. Ultimately, we just don't believe that God will do it. It is easier to believe that someone will become a Christian be confessing some doctrinal creed that tells who God is and how people should live. If they believe it then they will be Good Christians, right?

Don't take all of this as just a rant against the traditional church. I think most Christians would never say these things, but our actions reveal that it's buried within our subconscious somewhere. I have done and thought and do all of the things that I have mentioned. I just know that it's wrong. If I don't believe that God will change people without me, then why do I try to sell this supernatural miracle working God.

We have got to start smoking what we are selling.

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