Friday, November 02, 2007

Hook'ed on P'honiks

I have called my oldest son Hawkeye for years. Since he was 2 he would see something on a business or sign or car that I never noticed. He has an uncanny ability to see small details that everyone else misses.

Recently he has been playing an educational game on the internet called Super WHY! on the PBS Kids website. Whenever he completes a spelling game it lets him create a cartoon character and name it. Then he prints it out and puts it on the wall. The site has some kinda weird names so I didn't think anything about it when he started naming his pictures HOCI. He has been using that name for a while.

Recently, Gina said, "guess what? I found out that the HOCI name Levi has been putting on his pictures was his attempt to spell Hawkeye."

There are 2 lessons here. 1. Nicknames can mean a lot to a child. 2. Bee kairful win teechin foniks tu yur kids.

I love you Hawkeye. You are so special to me.

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Anonymous said...

That's really cute...and it actually makes a lot of sense. :)