Saturday, November 24, 2007

Life Dreams (1/3)

Many of us have passionate dreams for personal or social accomplishment. Some of the those dreams are selfish. Some of them are noble.

For Christ followers, we want to take those noble dreams for purposes of fulfilling the Great Commission or taking care of the poor and oppressed and believe that they are from God. God's plan or leading or call on our life. The problem for the Christ follower is that nobility and Scriptural alignment is no guaranty that our dream is actually from God. We can chase after the dream and never experience God's supernatural support or confirmation. I say supernatural because that is the only kind that can be rightly attributed to Him.

What does all that mean? Well, it means that many Believers will experience a tremendous sense of personal failure, feeling that they are following God while falling flat on their face. Eventually, they come to the conclusion that for some reason they aren't worthy and that God has yanked His plan out from under them. Some never get over this. In the end they think they are either failures or maybe quitters because they didn't hold out long enough.

But, if that dream is from God we have to hang on. God's timing is not our timing and He may have reasons for the delay that we don't understand at the time. Only by staying committed to the dream God has given us will you be able to experience all that He has for us.

So how do you know when it is from God? Good question. I don't really have the answer. I think the answer is subjective but somehow depends on our relationship with Jesus.

I'll leave it at this: the nearer I get to Him the clearer He gets to me.

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