Monday, November 26, 2007

Life Dreams (2/3)

There is a second scenario for interpreting whether our dreams come from God. That is when everything we touch turns to gold. We have noble dreams and everything we do succeeds. When we are in this situation it is easy to attribute all of the successes to God's blessing.

This a great way to live. It is cause and effect from the creator. It allows us to get into a routine that is very fulfilling. Over time it can teach us how to discern God's voice. When God's blessings seems obvious to people around us they tend to flock to us creating opportunities for us to speak into their lives and sometimes impact the lost for Christ.

But like the scenario we talked about yesterday success in our life dream can still be problematic. Even in the noblest of dreams success does not always equal blessing. It won't take you long to think of a successful business man who treats people bad or even a pastor who after many years of successful ministry is found to have gross sin in his life. Even people experiencing success without gross sin in their life could still be on the wrong tract. One of the most exciting secular jobs in my life was like this. I had great pay and a jet set life which I loved. The problem was that I was losing my heart for ministry. It wasn't bad and I wasn't in any abnormal sin but it was a distraction from something else God wanted to do in my life.

So how do you know when the successes in your life dream are from God? Again, I don't really know. His was are higher than our ways. Once again, the best we can hope for is that the nearer we get to him the clearer he gets to us. I might add to that, are we impacting other people's lives for Christ in the long term?

Tomorrow we will talk about yet a third scenario for interpreting whether our dreams are from God.

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