Friday, November 09, 2007

Outer Banks Weekend Without the Kids

Gina and I have not had a date night in a long time. In fact the last time that I can recall where we were alone more than 24 hours in a row was last fall in London and Paris on a ministry trip. When you have a large and young family you have less time to get alone and more need to do it. But, it also costs a fortune. Just dinner will cost $20-30 and when you get home you have to pay about that much to the babysitter. So we have to be creative and it doesn't happen as often.

Well we are very blessed this weekend. Gina has been invited as an elite runner to the Outer Banks half marathon. That means they are providing the hotel at a resort area. We were able to get Grandma to watch 2 of our kids and some friends to watch the other 2. Thank Broadwells.

So Gina and I leave around lunch time for the Outer Banks. How Cool. She also runs on Sunday morning. She has won or place in the top 3 (Overall or Masters) in every race this year. She has struggles recently with some pain and her training has been off, but she has felt better the last couple of days. If she can pull another win they will even be giving away babysitting money.

I'm looking forward to an awesome weekend.

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