Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Starting Christmas Early

Our Christmas tree ritual usually looks something like this.

About a week after thanksgiving we notice that the trees at the local Food Lion look pretty picked over. We wonder when they are going to get a new shipment. We ask some teenage manager at the Food Lion if they will be getting another shipment. They usually tell us they don't know.

We decide we can't wait until it is too late and we get the kids together and go to the Food Lion. We chase kids and fuss at them to stay out of the parking lot while we are looking. We pick the least crooked, least dry tree, load it on top of our car and head home to put it in our living room. We are happy and the kids always think the tree is just perfect.

The problem is mommy messed it all up this year! Friday she went out to get her hair cut and have some quite time with no children in tow. When she came how she had a Christmas tree. I said What? You can't do that. You destroyed our Food Lion Christmas tree tradition. She said that she just couldn't help it and she did get it at Food Lion. They were unloading the first load of trees and she wanted to get a good one that was not dry yet and not wait too long to get our tree. Well this year our tree us up early. We are not going to let the neighbors get all the Christmas decorations up first this year.

Praise God for my wife and her good thinking. We are ahead of the game and our kids love it and now we can spend more time pick a night to put on the ornaments as a family rather than picking a tree in the rain at Food Lion with the kids one night about bed time.

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