Saturday, December 29, 2007

Top Blogs of 2007

The top 3 Blogs I read this year.

This post is about the results of the Dominate Campaign. The church is less than 2 years old, the campaign is only for 2 years, and they had no specific project they were raising money for. The results? $6.4 million. Only God could do that.
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They have a church service that meets in an open bar on Tuesday nights. Open Bar. People drinking at the bar listening to a preacher talk about Jesus. I think Jesus would do this. This post is about a guy in the bar service so moved by the church service that he asked if he could hire them to come have a service in his backyard so he could invite all his friends.
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Guest Blogger and Worship Pastor Lee gives some insight into his respect for his pastor. I hope someone can say this about me one day. I have a long way to go.
Perry won’t broadcast this, but ever since i have known him, he gets up at 5am or earlier, spends an hour or two with God, and then spends hour or two in the gym. And then he hits the office. So, when i go into a meeting and he tells me something i don’t really agree with, i keep my mouth shut and i listen before i say anything in response; i know he walks with God and i have tremendous respect for that. It’s much easier to follow a leader who is more disciplined than you.
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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Vince Antonucci and Forefront Church

This past weekend I went up to Virginia Beach to hang out with Vince Antonucci and check out Forefront Church. It was great to get to know Vince. He is the real deal. He's an incredibly popular guy, but someone forgot to tell him. His creativity is amazing and he uses it for his passion to reach those far from God.

Vince has been the tool to push me closer to the edge for the great commission. Forefront is an amazing church. They do a fantastic job of getting the lost into their services and getting them to unfold their arms and listen to a life changing message. They write all their own worship music and they have some hilarious videos out their on you tube. And finally, I think they may be the only church in America who has a church service in and open bar.

Vince is the one on the left.