Tuesday, June 23, 2009

God's Presence in Me

I was thinking this morning about the fact that we are the temple of God and what that really means. It seems pretty simple, but it is more a question of the consequences.

The temple, and the tabernacle before it, represented the presence of God. God was not the Temple, but God's presence was in the temple. Even in the old Testament, the Israelites knew that God was not confined to the temple, but He clearly identified His presence with the temple, the cloud and fire above the temple, the most holy place in the temple, and the Ark of the Covenant kept in the temple.

Here's the question. 1 Corinthians 6:19 says that we are to be the temple in which God dwells through his spirit. Do people see me as a person in which God dwells through His Spirit? I know the answer to that is that most poeple do not.

How can I change that? Just thinking out loud, here. There are no easy answers to that question or more Christians might ooze out the presence of God. Maybe I will camp on this question for a while.

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