Friday, August 21, 2009

Drinking From the Well

Watched the sunrise this morning across the horizon of the ocean. Very peaceful and quiet. Good God time. You just cannot look at the vast horizon and not see God. I'm reading a book called Desire (not a romance novel) this morning. It's really connecting with some of the things already on my mind.

We are born with an innate sense of desire or longing. It is what ultimately draws us to God. In order to find God we must first realize that there is something more out there . . . that our mere existence is not all there is. But that desire is not hard-wired to God. It seems elusive to most people; even Christians. True peace and contentment comes from drinking deeply from the well of God. Most people are not even at the well. Some know where it is but they pass it by again and again. To drink from the deep well takes thought, and work, and patience. We are thirsty. We know that we are thirsty. We know that we must quench our thirst. Some of us even know that what we really need is to drink deeply from the well of God. So we start out on a trek to the well. But somewhere along the way we find ways to temporarily satisfy our thirst and kill our desire to make it to the well.

In today's culture we are all very imitative people. We learn language by imitation. In fact we learn just about everything in life that way. There is a never ending number of prominent people whose live look pleasing to lead us to temporary and counterfeit solutions to quench our thirst. But the thirst is never quenched. Where are all of the mentors and icons who have drank from the well.

When that thirst is never quenched there is something in us that makes us feel hurt or angry that life did not work out for us the way we planned. We feel we will never get to live out our dreams, especially the ones shaped by watching the lives of others. So we end up depressed or addicted or both. Is it any wonder that in a world full of people with a God shaped whole and no end to cheap substitutes, that most people suffer from some sort of depression or addiction? Everyone is obsessed with something.

Temporary pleasure is not enough though. What we need is real life. Not life as we know it, but new life. The life that Jesus came to offer.

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