Thursday, August 20, 2009

I want my life to count for something.

As I sit here on the beach looking out over the ocean's horizon, I realize how small my life is. I think most people function better in life when we view it from 30,000 feet. Our lives are so small and finite, but when we focus on ourselves we miss out on so much of life. We may actually miss where God is working if the only thing we see is our own little world is ourselves.

I don't want my life to be insignificant. When I look out at the vast ocean, I think of how big this world is and I want to impact all of it . . . not just a tiny section that is easy for me. I know that I might not be able to, or might not be called to, but I want to dream and plan big. I don't want to just be a good person, or minister, or church planter, I want to have an impact on an entire culture or generation or country. I don't know how to do that but I do know that it is about so much more than me, my fame, my comfort, my success.

A cause that has that kind of impact is a cause worth dying for. But more importantly, it is a cause worth living for. Most of us don't really live for the things we say we would die for. It must be worth committing my life too even if the fruits are not realized in my life time. Many of the greatest figures in history, did not know of their impact before their death.

What is worth all that?

I confess that my mind is usually preoccupied with the here and now; with self gratification. But these preoccupations are meaningless. I want my life to count for something.

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