Saturday, August 22, 2009

Now or Later

I'm thinking more this morning about the struggle to go to the well of God to quench our thirst without stopping along the way and settling for with false substitutes.

Men lust for many reasons but the unfulfilled desire in them will never be fulfilled with sex, or any woman, or pictures of women. These things will only leave them wanting more. An alcoholic, or drug addict, or workaholic will never be fulfilled by any of their addictions. A depressed person will never be fulfilled by adding to their lives something they feel they can't live without. In all of these scenarios there is a misplaced focus. The desire in us was created by God for God. And, only God can fill the emptiness and quench our thirst.

Why is it that so few people, even Christians, choose to ignore the distractions and find God to fulfill their desires? Our entire western culture lives with a "Me Now" attitude. We want our desires fulfilled now. We don't want to wait for anything.

I don't claim to have the answer for all of this. I choose wrong every day. I would love to make it through and entire day without any sin or thinking that is not focused on God. Heb 12:1 points out that we must not only avoid sin but also the things that easily entangle us. These are the things that take our eyes off Jesus.

I love Hebrews chapter 11. It contains a summary of all of the biblical heroes and how they were commended for their faith and perseverance. The entire chapter talks about remaining faithful under tremendous odds.

A few days ago I wrote about how I wanted my life to count for something even if I didn't see the results in my lifetime. And here it is in verse 13. It says they were still living by faith when they died and they did not receive all of the things promised (before they died). This is the kind of Faith we need to make it to the well to quench our thirst with the living water.

I think I need to read this chapter regularly to challenge my faith.

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